Gleneagles Challenge
April 28, 2012


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2012 Gleneagles Challenge Du

EVENT DATE: April 28, 2012

Last updated: Mar 28, 2012 - Du map posted!

Bushwhack Adventures is pleased to add the GEC-Du, a trail run / mountain bike event to the Gleneagles Challenge activities in 2012. This off-road duathlon-type event will allow even more people to come out and enjoy the festival atmosphere of the Gleneagles Challenge.

Participants will be traveling a total of 10.5 miles. Estimated distances in each discipline are: running/trekking 4.5 miles and mountain biking 6.0 miles. The run/trek will be on hiking trails, and the biking will be on the Hog Run mountain bike trails. This event can be run solo, where participants do both the run and bike, or it can be run as a relay, where one participant runs and the other bikes.


Course map:


To keep things simple for the GEC-Du, there is no navigation to figure out and no checkpoints to find. We'll post the course route maps soon so you can study them before the event.

The event will start and finish at Wake County's Harris Lake County Park. Check the Schedule below for exact times.


Overall Male and Overall Female winners will get their half of their entry fees back and a 50% discount towards a future Bushwhack Adventures event. Age group awards will be dependent upon sufficient participant numbers.


All participants will get a Gleneagles Challenge pint glass and a Bushwhack Adventures wicking shirt.


Sponsored in part by Wake County Parks, Recreation and Open Space.

Gear List

Participants will be required to have a hydration system (there will be no aid stations on the course), a cell phone, and a bike helmet (when biking).


Participants must follow the prescribed route.

Any additional course rules will be announced at the pre-event briefing.

Schedule (for the GEC-Du)

Event date: April 28, 2012

8:00 AM; Park gates open.

8:00 8:30 AM; Participant check-in at field beside the Mountain Bike parking lot (first gravel drive on left inside the park).

8:30 AM; Event Start.

10:15am AM; GEC-Du participants are invited to stay and watch the adventure race briefing, AR Start, and the whole race if you like!


Participants must pre-register.

Entry fee is $35 for Solo, $50 for a Relay team. Ask us for the $17 discount if you're also participating in the Sprint AR!

Register here!