2013 Bushwhack Adventures' Standard AR Rules

Bushwhack Adventures is trying to simplify our events so you can focus on the fun! There will be one standardized set of Rules for all of our AR events. Any variations to these rules will be noted on the specific Event page, but we'll try to hold these variations to a minimum!

These rules are written to ensure the safety and integrity of the racers, race promoter, volunteers, land managers, facilities and the race event itself. Bushwhack Adventures event staff and volunteers will enforce the rules.

The rules for adventure racing fall into that confusing gray area where we try to reconcile the desire to experience the freedom and adventure of charting one’s own course with the need to provide a common basis upon which to measure the performance of teams and determine a winner. The amount of freedom that can be given to teams is dependent upon how well they exercise their ability to race in a fair and honorable manner.

The fundamental rules of adventure racing are fairly simple. Teams of racers must travel by self-propelled means as they navigate their way to various checkpoints. Race directors spice up an AR with a course design that provides challenges for the teams to overcome. Most AR’s are set in wilderness locations and include the opportunity for teams to use their skills of map and compass navigation, mountain biking, running/trekking, paddling and rope work. Other types of challenges are sometimes included along the way, such as mental tasks and brain games. The goal is for teams to use their combined resources and skills to get through a course as efficiently and as fast as possible while following the rules and instructions set out by the race director.

Below are the standard rules for Bushwhack Adventures AR Events. Additional rules and instructions will be provided through the Event pages, through emails sent to registered teams, and at the pre-event briefing.