Bushwhack Mountain Bike Challenge
February 12, 2012


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2012 Bushwhack Mountain Bike Challenge

EVENT DATE: February 12, 2012

Updated 2/10/12; Results spreadsheet link

Bushwhack Adventures is bringing a new mountain bike challenge event to the Triangle area in 2012! This will be a mountain bike endurance/XXXC event. Treat this as a preseason fitness test and a replicable training ride to measure your fitness and equipment over the 2012 season.



signed waiver form



mountain bike


cell phone

race number visible on front



food/drink for duration (water spigots available in Umstead)

plastic bag to keep phone dry



8:30 AM 9:00 AM; Check-in at parking lot near Lake Crabtree County Park boat ramp.

9:00 AM Pre-event briefing at check-in location.

9:30 AM - Event Start at the check-in location. The Finish will be back at this same location.


Course maps: Map 1, Map 2, Map 3


A lap around LCCP and out the back gate by the bench, then a lap around Umstead (Reedy Creek Lake Trail, left on S.Turkey Creek Trail, left on Cedar Ridge Trail, right on Reedy Creek Lake Trail, right on Graylyn Trail, right on N. Turkey Creek Trail, straight on S.Turkey Creek Trail, right on Reedy Creek Lake Trail, to Old Reedy Creek Road), and a final lap around LCCP again. Route turns will be marked with field chalk and arrows in LCCP and with arrows on paper plates in Umstead.

Estimated distance = about 32 miles



Sorry, we've maxed out at 100 event participants!


Come on out and support the local trail systems, parks, park staff, and Bushwhack Adventures - your local adventure racing organization!!!! At the pre-event meeting there will be a brief conversation about trail maintenance and stewardship, park etiquette, and the sport of adventure racing.


Park etiquette:

THIS IS BIG - A disproportionate volume of complaints inside Umstead State Park are that a mountain biker rudely buzzed by a horse/runner/soccer mom.


Pass on the left and call out before you pass.

Generally keep right.

Yield to walkers, runners, and horses.

Don't buzz other park users - even when they're 8 abreast on a trail.

Do not litter.

Be A kind park user.  

Wave and say thank you to park staff.


Bushwhack Adventures is the Triangle's Premier AR event promoter. Adventure racing is a navigation based adventure sport - encompassing mtb's, trail running/hiking, tromping through the woods, paddling and team work. If you can walk, chew bubblegum, and receive this email, you need to check out adventure racing!